Instant Noodles and I

Although I'm not a Chinese but instant noodle has been a part of my daily life. What makes me say this is when I was still a student every time I buy groceries for a week-long food stock, noodles are always been on the top of my grocery list. What I love about this instant food is, as the word implies, it's instant, no more hassle and effortless in preparing it.
My mother noticed my indulgence to instant noodles and advised me to stop buying the food because too much intake of instant food is not good for the health since it has preservatives added to it and these preservatives may harmful to our body. Of course I did not oppose to what my mother have told me because she's right.

What composes instant noodles and why it is not healthy? We know that noodle is made from unleavened dough and is cooked in a boiling water. There are different varieties of noodles and this depends on the main ingredient where it is made from. Mostly, noodles are made from wheat and I believe that this fresh made noodles are healthy considering it doesn't have preservatives in it compared with instant noodles. Now, why instant noodle is not a healthy food? Instant noodles are precooked noodles combined with oil and a flavoring. It contain high levels of saturated fat and trans fat due to the frying process of the noodles during manufacturing.

It is generally considered as a junk food. In every single serving of instant noodle it has very high carbohydrates but low on essential elements such as fiber, vitamins and minerals. In addition, if it is served in another instant flavoring (broth) it will produce a high amounts of sodium which in extreme cases would reach up to 3,000mg/day surpassing the recommended sodium intake of just 2,400mg/day. Another health concern is the dioxin and other substances that can be obtained from the packaging and glues used to pack the food.

One of the major concerns on the health disadvantage of instant noodle is, it can produce oxidized fat and oils if it is not managed properly during the process. These are health hazard substances than can cause neurotoxins which make neurocells hypoactive.

Knowing all these health hazards of instant noodles might affect to my health I think this will not stop me from consuming it. Maybe I'll just minimize eating it. Unlike when I'm still in college it was my primary food.

Always remember too much of everything even it is good or bad is not good. Do you like noodles too?

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