Healthy Fruits, Healthy Foods

We all love to eat, it's a fact. We enjoy eating as one of the most important happenings and a part of our everyday lives. It defines of who we are, our culture and our individual race. The foods we eat are the sources of our energy and nutrition that fuel us to perform our daily works. The kind of food we consume affects our physical and mental health.

We all wish to live healthy throughout the time. Being a healthy person promotes energy to perform the activities we are going to perform in a way as it is intended to be.

Although foods are the sources of our energy but not all foods can give health benefits to our body in order for us to function well. How to define a healthy food? As the word may speak for itself, it is the food that gives the optimum nutritional value for our body at the same time decreases the risk of dreaded illnesses known to us.

These are some healthy fruits that you might incorporate in your diet.

Avocado - In some textbook this was labeled as the "most nutritious of all fruits". It contains some vitamin B 12, calcium, zinc and phosphorus. It has vitamin B6 which is important for our nervous system, red blood cells, teeth and gums.

Raspberries - It has ellagic acid, which helps block the growth of cell cancer. This fruit is high in fiber and vitamins C which helps prevent high cholesterol and heart disease.

Tomato - The lycopene found in tomato acts as an antioxidant which helps neutralize the free radicals that damage cells in the body. Also tomato lessen the risk of bladder, stomach and colon cancers.

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