Food As You Know It

As we all know food is the basic requirement for humans and animals to live longer. It is made up of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and water and all those components that we need in our body in order to survive. Food can be consumed by eating or drinking, either for nutrition or pleasure satisfaction.

Before, our ancestors seek food through hunting alone to survive but today that method just totally changed. At present we have learned farming, ranching, gardening and fishing methods to produce food to sustain our living. Along with the knowledge of learning new techniques in acquiring food we also learned new techniques in preparing it. All over the world in every country and in every culture has its diversified way of preparing, cooking and manufacturing foods that are unique in its nature.

Foods are available everywhere and anywhere and mostly can be found in plants or animals as the main sources. There are also foods that are not from plants and animals. Some of these are found in various edible fungi, like mushrooms among others. There are roughly 2,000 plant species that are considered as healthy food. Foods that contain nutrients are mostly found in seeds of plant and are good source for our food as well as to animals. Majority of us, humans, are consuming largely seed-based foods that constitute into two categories. Edible seeds and oil seeds. Some of these edible seeds are rice, wheat, maize, lentils, beans and peas. Sunflower, rapeseed and sesame are oil seeds. In ancient Egypt times they have a recipe called hummus that is made of ground chickpeas. Another sources of plant foods are classified as fruits and vegetables.

Meat is a product taken from animals which then are process to be eaten as food. There are various meat products available today in the market that are coming from different animals. Aside from the meat of animals we can also get food from the food products they produce, like milk, eggs, honey and more.

We all know that lots of food are available everywhere and ready to be eaten but we have to be wary since not all foods are good for our health. Good dietary habits must be on the top of the list to avoid unexpected disease that might be experience in the future and no one wants it to happen.

Eat healthy, stay healthy.:-)

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