My Favorite Dessert

It wouldn't be a complete meal for us without having those sweet, tasty and delicious desserts after a very delightful meal. This definitely satisfies every course of meal we shall have with our family and friends. Dessert is served after a meal and typically comes with sweet foods such us, ice cream, cake, fruits, candies, cookies, pastries, etc.
In every country has their own specific type of food to be served as a dessert and also has another term for the word. In countries like UK and India called this period of meal as sweet, pudding or afters. British people serve fresh fruits as their dessert while others are consists of sweet foods.

Dessert is a custom observed within a meal but in some third class countries don't have this practice. I myself belong to a third class country and for a typical meal we had, we don't have dessert. But it doesn't mean that I have not tried eating a dessert food. Fortunately, sometimes I go out and eat in a first class restaurant and there I can experience those mouth-watering desserts that is served after my meal. And my favorite dessert is the Black Chocolate Cake. I also enjoy eating Buko Pandan Salad.

It's a good thing though when you cannot experience some good things in your own home yet there's this alternative where you can enjoy pleasingly these things.

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