Breakfast: The Most Important Meal

The instance of eating food at a specific time which mostly occurs at homes, restaurant or cafeterias which has a specific preparation of food is what we called a meal. Commonly, the standard occurrence of meal is three times a day. The time which meal takes place will depend in the country and region where you live. And in my country this will occur mostly at (approximately) 7 a.m. which is the breakfast, at 12 p.m. lunch and at 7 p.m. for supper.

Although in some countries they have more than 3 occurrences of meal within a day but breakfast, lunch and supper are most observed. Among these three, the most important meal of the day is breakfast.

If you have children make it habit for them not to skip breakfast. Study has it that children do better in school if they eat breakfast and this will carry out until they grow older. Eating breakfast will fuel you to do your work with energy for the rest of the day. Skipping breakfast will greatly affects your mind and body, making you tired and unable to do things accordingly due to lack of energy, energy that you can get from eating breakfast.

Some people make it into a practice to skip purposely breakfast as an alternative to lose weight but this is not a healthy move. Yeah, this might reduce your body weight (in an unhealthy way) but this could do harm to your body if not guided accordingly without having any nourishment that can substitute for your breakfast.

You should always remember that your body needs something to fuel it so that it can function properly and eating breakfast is a good way to start. People may not know this but having a breakfast each day is a healthy way to lose weight considering that you have the right food on the table.

So, let's make a healthy breakfast so that every time you think of breakfast you can reckon its importance and the health benefits you can get from it in order for you not to think from skipping it. The food that should be present for breakfast should contain protein and fiber rich foods. Foods like, low fat meats, eggs, beans and dairy are rich in protein, and grains, vegetables and fruits are high in fiber foods. A typical healthy breakfast should have a hard boiled egg, an orange fruit, and a cereal with low fat milk. It is self-evident what will happen to you if you don't eat or skipped breakfast.

Eating breakfast is the best way to start off your day. Remember do not skip breakfast.


Blazing Minds said...

I usually find that if I miss my breakfast in the morning before going to work, I start to have a slight lack of concentration around midday, so, 6 times out of 7, I make sure I have a good nutritious breakfast.

cookies said...

I've been through that experience too and I didn't like the "sick feeling" resulted of skipping breakfast.

Having a nutritious breakfast keeps you going with energy!