Easy Ways To Store Your Wine

When storing wine that has already been opened, you need to re-cork it right away. This prevents your wine from oxidizing, thus keeping your wine tasting fresh the next time you open it and drink up.

You also need to keep your wine cold as well, even if it is red. If you want to drink another glass, let it warm for about half an hour first before drinking. The taste will almost be as good as when you have opened it for the first time.

Moreover, there are some gadgets that can help preserve your wine's taste too. You can try the preserving spray and the vacuum pump. The preserving spray is a can of inert gases sprayed into your partial wine bottle. It creates a shield over the wine, which blocks oxygen away from the wine to make it taste fresher.

On the other hand, the vacuum pump has reusable stoppers that pumps air out of the empty portion of the wine bottle. Both these gadgets can prolong the shelf life of your wine for about two days.

You also need to keep in mind that the amount of time that it takes for your wine to stay fresh will depend on the wine itself. For instance, higher acidity wines such as Mosel Riesling or Sauvingon Blanc can stay fresher for a longer period of time. The same also applies for sweet and fortified wines such as sherry and port. On the other hand, you may also want to keep some wine bottles to drink in the later months. When storing unopened wine, have stashing bottles in your cupboard or a small wine rack on your counter top. Moreover, there are some things that you need to remember if you plan on holding on to wine for, say, six months or longer.

Lighting. Ever noticed that many red wines are bo ttled in brown or green bottles instead of clear glass? This is because bright lights can have a direct effect on your wine. In the case of red wine, these are bottled in darker glasses because these filter out light better than clear glasses do. Keep your wine in a dark place.

Odor. Strong odor from food and other household items can get into your wine, so keep your wine away from these highly odorous elements.

Sideways storage. Store your wine horizontally, following the manner by which most wine racks are made. To maintain a good seal, corks should stay moist and in contact with the wine. Storing your wine upright can only dry the cork out and cause the wine to oxidize. Screw cap wines may be stored upright with not so much a problem, though.

Temperature. Wine tends to age more slowly and stay in better condition when stored in a cool and steady temperature, probably at about 58F or 15C. Wine matures and loses its flavor and texture faster at warm temperature. Moreover, unstable temperature may also be unsuitable for the wine, so always make sure that your wine closet is cool at all times.

Vibrations. A still wine means means a longer shelf life. This is because vibrations can gradually oxidize your wine over time. So even if you store your wine in cool and dark fridge, motor vibrations can still be harmful to your wine, with dry air that can flatten the wine's flavor as well.

Keep in mind that some wines taste good when drunk young while others taste better with age. So if you want to start your own wine cellar, you should do research first on the kinds of wines that can still better over time. Always keep track of which wine you are storing and how long they are being store, so you will know when the

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