Best Diet Foods I've Found

I think almost all of us, especially women, are conscious of our body figure if it is on the right shape of 34-24-34 and on the ideal body weight. The gaining and losing of our weight is entirely relative to what food we have eaten. For example, if you eat foods that are mostly high in calories, fat, low in nutritional value and foods loaded with preservatives, the end result would be you become obese. Eating too much food such us, Ice cream, donuts, pastries, cakes, pies and cookies will make you fat.

For us not to become fat we should be wary to the foods we are going to eat. We should be more careful and knowledgeable what are the foods that can give us health benefits instead of making us fat. Everyone of us are on a diet wanting to be healthy and to achieve the desirable sexiness that you are dreaming of. Being healthy and sexy is a tremendous endeavor one shall undergo with. But this is not as hard as it seems if you eat the right diet foods.

You don't need to be on a weight loss program just to lose weight. There are ways to lose weight without discharging too much sweat, you just need to include some powerful foods into your diet. These foods will increase your metabolism and will help you in so many different ways. Some of these foods will actually help burn body fats. And the easiest way to incorporate these foods in your diet is to make them as a replacement to the junk food you eat. The foods that I'm talking about are fibrous and vegetable based food. These are plant based diet foods. As we know, a diet that is high in fiber is one secret to lose effectively your weight. There are many reasons why fiber is vital in a diet, this will help lower the bad cholesterol - LDL.

The list below are the fruits/vegetables recommended for your diet.


This fruit makes you eat less due to the water-soluble colloidal carbohydrates called Pectin. This will make you feel more full.


Avocados have more than 25 of the essential nutrients such as, vitamin b, potassium, vitamin E and lutein that are needed for your body and considered as the most nutritious of all fruits.


This fruit lowers the insulin levels resulting you to feel longer than the usual. This topped the citrus family as the best diet food. Grapefruits give you vitamin c which helps lessen fat.


One of the powerful anticancer foods. Gives you calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin a and c


This is a healthy food that is good for you. They fight diseases and gives you energy. A very powerful antioxidant.

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